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    If you were searching the web & found this site expecting to find birds of prey (Buzzards), sorry about your luck. Instead you have found the personal website of Mr. Buzzard. I have been called Mr. Buzzard among other things most of my life. This came from the Pennsylvania Dutch German pronunciation of my real last name "Boshart". So I thought it would be a good domain name for my little place in cyber space.

About Me:

    Now, I suppose you would like to know more about the person you see above? And yes that really is me. Not bad for a single guy eh? And ladies remember "disabled men will never "walk out" on their partners" Smileys_Kissing.gif (1777 bytes) Yes, it's true I have a crazy personality. Thought I'd warn everybody before you explore this site any further...........

    Iím a survivor of Polio since the fall of 1959. However it left me a quadriplegic. So to get around I use an Electric Wheelchair and Ford (First on race day) Van, with wheelchair lift installed. I have had some Post-Polio Symptoms (weakening of lung muscles in my case) since about 1989. So I also use a BiPAP Synchrony S/T Breathing Machine, while sleeping only. And as of July 19th 2006 I have been on a very small amount of oxygen 24/7. Likely caused from having phenomena earlier in the spring.

    I grew up in Wilmot Township (near Baden, Ontario) on a dairy farm, with my parents, one brother, four sisters & a foster sister. Baden is about 10 miles west of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. In 1974 my parents sold the farm & built their retirement home, just around the corner from the original farm. I lived there with my parents along with "Freckles" the dog, "Jake" the peacock & a few other wild creatures that roam around out in the country.

    I attended many different Public Schools in my life time, not because I was a dummy or smarty but because alot of School's where just not wheelchair accessible in those days. So I had to be taken too the ones that where. I graduated (grade 12) in 1978 at Cameron Heights Collegiate in Kitchener.

    After graduating I had worked full time for about 12 yearís in an office. Currently I mostly do volunteer work. I'm one of the webmasters for my home Church Steinmann Mennonite. I had also been helping to repair & test donated electronic items for a local M.C.C. Thrift Store in New Hamburg, for about 7 years. I have moved on from my volunteer repair work, as of the fall of 2001, to pursue more computer & other interests.

    On March 18th 2005 I moved into my own apartment in Waterloo, Ontario. Shamrock Co-operative Homes is a 90 unit member operated apartment / townhouse complex, located in the area near Conestoga Mall. A number of the units & surrounding grounds are wheelchair accessible. The Independent Living Centre has a "project" setup in the main building, providing 24 hour attendant services for about 12 persons with a disability who live there, myself included. Living in a Co-op and becoming a member requires a person to participate in some form to the operation of that Co-op. Currently I am editor of Shamrock bi-monthly Newsletter & also webmaster of the Co-op's website. Since November 2005 I have also served six years on the Board Of Directors. I am also currently the chair of the Co-op's Library committee. In October 2015 I received a Co-op Service Award from The Central Ontario Co-Operative Housing Federation in recognition for the contributions I make to my own Co-op.



My Other Hobbies & Interests Are :

    In life, I tend to have a humorous personality most of the time. As you may have already figured out by checking out this site. These humorous ways are a family trait & in my opinion a good way to deal with life. After all we canít always control what happens in our lives, but we can learn how to deal with them. Humour, I believe is a big help.


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